Friday, November 19, 2010

My Friday Favorite ....

Today is a great day! I get to meet and have dinner tonight with Lorelei Eurto. She writes a blog that I read almost everyday Inside the Studio. She creates beautiful jewelry and often incorporates components from other designers. This was all put together by Cynthia Deis owner of Ornamentea, the best bead store in the world! Go check out the online store. Also joining us is Susan "Boo" Reynolds and Elaine Ray. Lorelei uses Elaine's ceramic beads a lot in her designs. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall tonight!!

A few months ago Lorelei was making a custom piece and she asked me to make a stamped component for it ... I was so honored!

Well I need to get busy working so I can go to dinner tonight. If you are in Raleigh come visit me Sunday at the University Club's Holiday Shoppe 1-5 pm. Have a great day!

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lorelei said...

Had such a fun time with you girls on friday night!