Monday, June 21, 2010

Bead Soup - Revealed At Last

Well I will have to say this has to be the hardest challenge I have ever had. It was totally out of my comfort zone. But, I guess that was what a challenge is all about. I LOVE color and the pallet was black, white with a touch of brown.

I added some dyed red coral to give it a pop of color, along with a copper ring that I enameled.

I hope you all enjoy and I cannot wait to see the rest of the soups! My bead soup partner Patti reveals her piece on June 23rd. Here is the complete list of reveals:
Saturday, June 19th - blogs 1-13
1. Lori, Pretty Things
2. Lorelei, Lorelei1141
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8. Lisa, Joolz by Lisa
9. Kate, Tropical Blonde
10. Janet, Singing Woods
11. Julianna, Juls Beads
12. Erin, Treasures Found
Sunday, June 20th - blogs 14-26
15. Kella, Me But a Little More In Depth (Thats Me)
16. Emanda, Artemisia Studio
17. Marie, Skye Jewels
18. Loretta, Designs By Loretta
19. Stacy, Sissy and Jack's
20. Joanna, Filcowe
21. Diane, Diane Hawkey
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24. Marcie, La Bella Joya
Monday, June 21st - blogs 27-36
27.Lisa, Alterity
29. Melanie, Kookie Designs
30. Christine, A Hot Piece of Glass
32. Laurel, Rue's Daftique
33. Sandi, Do Be Do Bead Do
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Tuesday, June 22nd - blogs 37-47
37. Filomena, Pink Velvet Bird
38. Lyn, Lyn Foley
40. Rebecca, Song Beads
41. Regina, Regina's Writings
42. Nancy, The Rabbit Muse
43. Whitney, Whitney Lassini
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Wednesday, June 23rd - blogs 48-59
48. Nan, Spirit Rattles
49. Amy, Copper Diem
53. Barbara, Second Surf
54. Amanda, Articulations
55. Heather, Humble Beads
58. Patti, PJ Clark Designs
Thursday, June 24th -- blogs 60-71
61. Wanda, A Frayed of Fibers
63. Marieke, Marieke's Blog
65. Maire, Maire Dodd
66. Shannon, Miss Fickle Media
68. Charlene, The Bead Dreamer
69. Elisabeth, Beads for Busy Gals
70. Cathryn, Chile Cats
Friday, June 25th - blogs 72-84
73. Valerie, Hot Art
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76. Shea, gr8findings
77. Julie, Pryce Designs
78. Jeannie, Jeannie's Blog
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Saturday, June 26th -- blogs 85-97
85. Melissa, One-Eared Pig Beads
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88. Denise, Bling on the Blog
89. Doris, Glaszwerg
93. Kristie, Artisan Clay
94. Jess, Vintaj
95. Suzann, Beadphoria
97. Michelle, bMichelle


bellajoya said...

I love the ring focal and you picked a great color to add. Love it!

Michelle said...

Great color combo. This is a great everyday piece (at least for me since I wear black most days--LOL).
Bead Happy!

moonlitfantaseas said...

very nice!its kind of funny when I first looked at the first pic, I thought the focal was a rabbits foot, I thought it was rather odd.....I do like the colors, and your addition of the red really set it off nicely

Cathryn said...

I have to add my admiration to the others in your creative talents! The colors are really smooth before it POPS like you wanted! This is a great piece of art and I would wear this proudly!

Spirited Earth said...

this is a lovely necklace..good work on the challenge

Kella said...

I love how you added colour to make it more to your style, it really completed it well. I wish I could wire wrap a focal like you did mine never comes out righth but yours looks gorgeous.

Keeping the clasp up front is a nice touch too.

Nancy said...

That touch of red just pulls it all together!! Fabulous necklace.

Pearl and Pebble said...

I love the enameled ring and coral you added-this is a great color combination! Your design is great:)

Pretty Things said...

I love what you did! Yes, working outside your comfort zone IS what this party was all about. If you saw my reveal, I had the same issue -- I'm a color freak, and I was working with darker colors, but am tickled with what I came up with.

I hope you ended up enjoying yourself, and do another party with me!

one-eared pig said...


Kate said...

Great colors. Love the red coral especially!

Pink Velvet Bird said...

Soooo pretty! Great with jeans or a dress! said...

This is a really neat necklace, I am a huge fan of Botswana and I would wear this with pride!

Loretta said...

Love the color in this necklace. Great design!

Valerie said...

I love what you did with your ingredients. The red focal is beautiful and ties it all together. Great job!

Kate said...

I finally got in! It looks great, I love how you added the enameled pieces, really makes it sing! worth waiting to see:)

Anonymous said...

Love the color you added to your soup! It really popped! Looks beautiful!

In Beads and Happiness,
Suzann Sladcik Wilson

Ruthie said...

I think that turned out fantastic!

Patti said...

The red surely makes it pop! Great job making it yours!

diane cook said...

Wow....amazing colors and so many participants!