Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What A Great GiveAway ......... I found this local artisian's blog and she has gorgeous stuff (and don't you Love her name!)! Check out her blog and the GiveAway below I have registered for this and hope that I win. Will keep you posted.


RosyRevolver said...

Thank you so much. I'm thrilled to have found your blog!

And what is this Steampunk Night??? I want to go!

Sissy and Jack's said...

I am not very good at this blogging stuff ... I apologize for just seeing your question.
Better late than never they say! Steampunk is the new book out by Jean Campbell and several of the girls at Ornamentea were in the book. They had a book signing Friday night (very rainy) and then we all went out afterwards downtown.
If you are in the neighborhood on March 13th I will be at the Designer's Downtown Market in Ornamentea's parking lot from 9-3. Stop by and introduce yourself.